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Magical Idol


-The Original Motion Picture Sound Track-

All Music Composed: Bitplane / Vocal: Hatsune Miku, KAITO V3 and Fairlight CMI-30A) /
Album Artwork Illustration: Takumi Yoza / Music Video Animation: MightyOtaking

"Maho-no Idol Strangelove ..." is the music album which contains music tracks, complete music project data, an instruction manual, an interractive digital booklet, complete composition reference links, related free software synthesizers and so on. This will be the world first internet music album that updates itself with online updater. (Out on 16th Aug 2015!)

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01. [Sound Logo 1]
02. [Sound Logo 2]
03. Space Idol
04. The Love Causes a Sensation
05. [Narration]
06. Telepathy to You
07. Alien Love
08. The Strange Love
09. Nazca
10. [Insert Track]
11. Hyperdrive
12. Burning of Love
13. Star Force
14. Ai, Stardust
15. Saraba Strangelove
16. The Last Song
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