New Video 'Bitplane - 09 Dream of Sunrise' 2017-10-23 The Brand New Track from the upcoming album 'Alice, Through the Looking-Glass'.

(Re Uploaded at 17 Oct. 再アップロードしたお)


By the way, I compared view count of YouTube URL tweet vs. mp4 tweet, and it shows over 50 times of difference.
Nowadays, my twitter account hardly sends people to YouTube.

And 'Dream of Sunrise' and 'The March of the Red Queen' are contained in same album.
Which means, power disparity of Elegant Sister's channel to my channel is over 100 times, woooooow.

So I understand how important raising my YouTube channel is, indeed.
New Video 'Bitplane - The March of the Red Queen' 2017-10-23


My blog database was blown away by my slip!
I wrote some super long articles, and these ware all buried in darkness.


And good news, Elegant Sister, the biggest YouTube doujin music channel, made my video, Yeeessss!!
View count rolls super fast so super fast.
I'm glad to upload it!

の一方で、Elegant Sisterさんが1曲映像をつけてアップロードしてくれました!
M3 お品書きと海の向こうの同人音楽サークルからの委託頒布 2017-10-15 2017 M3 秋、溥儀からは以下の3つを持っていきます。 新譜はありません。
Alice EP(SONOCA版2枚組)」(残り20部)
Singlar Edits」(残り10部)

Teaser page '鏡の国のアリス Alice, Through the Looking-Mirror, and What She Found There?' 2017-09-11 Enter the Special Webpage
[full album] 'Eastern Fairy Tale' was published on Youtube 2017-08-31
The YouTube Playlist is Here.
Arcdemons Thunderbird (Demo Track) 2017-08-14 from new album 'Alice, Through the Looking-Glass, and What She Found There?'
Comic Market 92 Items 2017-08-06 やあみんな、コミケです。
8/11 東8ホール ほ-03a「六弦アリス」さんのブースにて

Alice EP 二枚組セット (\1,000)
不思議の国のアリス (\1,000)
魔法のアイドル ストレンジラブ The Original Motion Picutre Soundtrack (\1,000)

Illustration: きのえ

Illustration: しきみ

Illustration: Takumi Yoza

'Alice EP - Earthside' is available now 2017-06-17
'Alice EP - Moonside' is available now 2016-11-18